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ADVENTURE STARTS HERE: Back in 2002, the founders of M22, Matt and Keegan Myers, opened the first kiteboarding school in the Midwest. For over 10 years, the brothers taught kiteboarding around the world and worked as Editors of Kiteboarding Magazine. After traveling the globe, the brothers landed right back home where it all began; northern Michigan.

WHAT TO BRING: Most days in Michigan, a 12M or 16M kite is the best call. We use the app Windfinder for local forecasts as it’s the most accurate. Maple Bay and Platte River Point offer both flatwater and choppy conditions, so bring your twin tip. Frankfort and Leland are
best for waves, so be sure to bring your surfboard and possibly 8M kite.

TIPS: The best kiting spot close to Traverse City is Maple Bay, just a few miles south of Elk Rapids. This area is owned by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy and is open to the public. This is the best spot for learning as there are miles of shallow, sandy bottom lake with beautiful desolate beaches. Vans Beach in Leland is best on a strong north wind and produces amazing right breaking waves. Frankfort works great on a south or south west wind just on the north side of the pier. If the wind blows west, head to Platte River Point for super fun shore break and a beautiful river that dumps right into Lake Michigan.

Please respect our special kiteboarding locations, ensure the safety of pedestrians on the beach, and take everything with you that you bring.

Check out in Grand Haven for lessons and gear.
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