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ADVENTURE STARTS HERE: Women’s SUP Nights are a great way to combine a social night with fitness all while appreciating the beauty of northern Michigan from the water. Each week, locations change up, allowing paddlers to view as much of northern Michigan as possible from a unique perspective: stand up paddling.

WHAT TO EXPECT: You will meet new friends, challenge yourself,
and leave the night knowing you did something good for your body.
Women’s SUP Nights take place every Thursday (since 2011) in the summer. Visit

HOW TO GET THERE: The location changes every week, but most
paddles are based out of the Traverse City area. Locations can be found on the Facebook page. Several events are “destination paddles” based out of Glen Arbor, Frankfort, and Leland. After the events, join the girls for dinner on the beach or at a local eatery. Any cancellations due to weather are posted by 3pm the day of the paddle.

GETTING STARTED: All events are free and SUP at your own risk. Bring your own SUP, paddle, safety gear, and positive attitude. Unless it’s a special event, Women’s SUP Nights are not open to your dude friends, children, or pets. It’s “girls’ night out!” To get the most out of the night, you should be able to paddle standing up for 1.5hrs. Experience levels vary and typical paddles bring in 20-30 paddlers, so you are likely to find someone of similar ability in the group. No one is left behind, and it is asked that no one turns back early. Be prepared for occasional choppy water and some upwind paddling.   [powr-map id=45ee0fd9_1507314415]

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