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ADVENTURE STARTS HERE: In a place with more coastline than any other state in the country besides Alaska, Michigan certainly has its fair share of wonderful beaches, and one of our favorite gems in the area is certainly no exception. North Bar Lake offers everything that one could possibly imagine, truly rivaling some of the best beaches in the world.

WHAT TO BRING: Bring a SUP and paddle the warm, calm waters of North Bar Lake before heading right out into Lake Michigan to cool
off. Feel like having a pizza party on the beach? One of our favorite pizza joints - Empire Village Inn - is just down the road. In addition,
the small creek connecting North Bar to Lake Michigan can be perfect for skim boarding.
OPTIONAL SIDE TREK: One of the most scenic drives in the world, Pierce Stocking, is just a few miles away. Take in all of the sights along the 6 mile winding drive before heading down to relax on the beach. Be sure to stop at the often forgotten overlook #11 - you’ll be glad you did.
TIPS: Recent water levels are historically high in the Great Lakes,
making most of the beaches in the region smaller than normal. As space on the sand is minimized, it can be tempting to climb the small dunes around the North Bar area. To help preserve this beautiful place, please keep off the dunes wherever preservation signs are present.
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