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ADVENTURE STARTS HERE: Good Harbor Beach: the perfect place to reconnect with friends and nature. It's secluded, but accessible and one of the best beaches in northern Michigan. Set aside an evening to enjoy a sunset around a bonfire, and maybe catch a shooting star or two!  

WHAT TO BRING: Drinking water or other beverages, just no glass. Food and picnic items (s'mores!) are always a good idea, as well as firewood, blankets, swim gear, and a camera.

OPTIONAL SIDE TREK: Good Harbor beach is only 15 minutes from Pyramid Point; it might be worth while to check out both in one day.

KICK IT UP A NOTCH: Bring a kayak or SUP and cruise off into the sunset.

TIPS: If you pick a spot a bit off the beaten path, you’ll have what seems like the whole beach to yourself. Also, remember to take care of your fire properly! Dig a pit into the sand to create your firepit, and put water on it after you’re done. A common mistake people make is to bury the fire in the sand, but this can mean you’re simply insulating hot coals for the morning for anyone to accidentally step on—possibly children. Please keep the beach clean so everyone can enjoy.



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