Paddle the Platte River

WHAT TO DO THERE: Take the family on a few hour trip down one of northern Michigan's most scenic rivers. With clear water and a sandy bottom, the Platte River will definitely not disappoint.

WHAT TO BRING: A cooler for drinks, water shoes with straps (flip flops might get lost), sunscreen, and a way to secure items like keys and phones in case you go under (like the M22 waterproof bag). Be sure to bring cash or credit if you are renting a vessel for this trip - more information on rental companies below.

OPTIONAL SIDE TREK: The Platte River is just a couple of miles from the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and only about 20 minutes south of the Dune Climb, so there is no shortage of scenery in the immediate area. Want to turn back time a bit? Swing by The Cherry Bowl Drive-in Theatre for a one-of-a-kind northern Michigan experience to finish out your day.

KICK IT UP A NOTCH: Opt for the SUP or try your hand at the Upper Platte River section. While you won't shoot out into Lake Michigan here at the end as you would on the Lower Platte, the Upper Platte offers fast current, low-hanging branches and underwater obstacles geared more towards the experienced paddler. Just don't be afraid to get wet! Alternatively, bring your own kayak, canoe or SUP if you're into saving some cash. Just be sure to arrange a way to get back to your car once you're done with your paddle (we suggest biking!)

TIPS: Both the Honor Trading Post and Riverside Canoe Trips offer kayaks, canoes or stand up paddles for rent on the Platte River. You really can't go wrong with this trip, even if you tip!

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M22 Waterproof Bag

The best way to protect your important valuables from the inevitable water that awaits, the M22 Waterproof Bag will keep dust, dirt, weather, and water away from your small valuables inside. Ideal for keys and a cell phone or small camera. Available in black, blue or yellow.